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Froid Energy Limited is a pioneering company at the forefront of sustainable energy efficiency solutions, products and services. At the core of Froid Energy’s approach is the belief that energy efficiency starts with visibility.


At Froid Energy we have a strong focus on Energy sustainability and innovation, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help organizations achieve significant energy savings and enhance operational efficiency and environmental impact.

Smart Energy Monitering

These meters are devices used to measure and monitor the amount of electrical energy consumed by a specific electrical circuit or device. Our Meters are Known for:

Internet Gateways

It is designed to accurately measure and transmit the data using LoRa WAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) technology. They perform the following:

Behavioral Change Swing

Refers to the intentional modification of energy consumption patterns and habits by individuals or organizations to achieve greater energy efficiency and conservation. It involves adopting behaviors and practices that reduce energy waste and promote sustainable energy use. Here are some key advantages and benefits of Energy Behavioral Swing:

Smart Building Transition

Here are some key advantages of smart building transitions:

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